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Ever dreamt of playing a Minecraft style game with a massive amount of players evolving by your side ? We did.

Founders : Sons of Hyrmalion™ is meant to be a revolution in the world of MMORPG.
In this victorian steampunk universe, you can become whoever you want : a soldier, a peasant, a noble, a scientist… It is your choice to make.

After several years of misery, civil war and plague, the people of the once glorious kingdom Hyrmalion chose to immigrate to a recently discovered land : Euckar.
This land is as vast and rich as your people could possibly dream of, as you lost all what you have. Euckar, with its numerous possibilities is your people’s ray of hope.

Other people already set foot on it before you and your people : the local primitive indigenous, particularly agressive to foreigners, a few other explorers from the first expeditions who became bandits, and of course the neutral Valion Colonial Compagny who made you come to their neutral city in order to save the rest of the people of Hyrmalion, as almost only ashes and corpses remains from your country.
After the fall of Hyrmalion, the people divided in three enemy factions : The Republic of Dendarion, Valaris’ Royalists, and the Concilium. They all agreed to work together to organize the massive and salvatory exode, but you know that once they step on the new continent, they’ll start fighting each other again in order to conquer and colonize the wild land, trying to impose their autority upon the other factions.

You are a settler amongst others. Your new life is about to start, and you have now all the tools in your hands to become what you crave for. What faction you will join, what part you will have in the colonization… It all depends on you.

Founders: Sons of Hyrmalion™ is a game that uses new and powerful technologies to push its limits. Made to use 100% of the power of the machine on which it’s installed, it always will give you the best that your computer can provide without suffering any limitations due to its multicompatibility.
On Euckar, a massive amount of story-based quests awaits you, making you build your own story based on your choices.
There are no clearly established classes in the game. You will develop the competence that you choses while using the various weapons available, so the possibilites are nearly limitless. That way you can become anyone, and change anytime you want.

If the possibilities of the vast and wild Euckar doesn’t satisfy you, you also will be able to create your own world with the official support of modding via dedicated programs and APIs allowing you to entirely personalize your world.

And if neither the world of Euckar nor its gigantic battles and not even the incredible possibilities of modding are interesting you, then you might find what you want in the PVP system on Founders : Sons of Hyrmalion™.
Using nice and evolved gamemodes, the PVP system is a guarantee that your skills won’t be lost in the mass of players.

Finally, Founders: Sons of Hyrmalion™ can possibly hit a new World record of simultaneously connected players on one server as it is meant to host up to 50 000 players at a time (the actual record is a mere 2000 on Planetside 2 from Sony Online Entertainment).