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Founders: Sons of Hyrmalion™ offers you to you to colonize the world of Euckar.
After the arrival of the plague within their civilizations, the people of Hyrmalion chose to immigrate to a recently discovered continent named Euckar. This land is both vast and rich but other groups are already there: primitive indigenous, particularly aggressive and explorers from the first expeditions who turned bandits.

As if it wasn’t complicated enough internal discords gave birth to the separation of humanity into 3 enemy factions: the Republic of Dendarion, Valaris’ Royalists and the Concilium. These want to take over each other in the conquest and colonization of Euckar using their numerous members and their allies.

 The city-state of Valion and its colonial company, who made the first expeditions to the new continent, has a neutral status in this conflict and ensures trading between the factions.

 The colonization is getting forward each day a little more, but more and more obstacles stand in its way : wars, invasions, bandits, famines, diseases. The settlers are desperately seeking a ruler to lead them into this dangerous Eden, will you be this leader?


 Founders: Sons of Hyrmalion™ is a game that uses new and powerful technologies to push its lilits. Made to use 100% of the power of the machine on which it’s installed, it always will give you the best that your support (PC, console, pad or smartphone) can provide without suffering any limitations due to its multicompatibility.

 Even if Euckar will be vast, varied and densely inhabited, you also will be able to create your own world with the official support of modding via dedicated programs and APIs allowing you to entirely personalize your world.

 And if neither the world of Euckar nor its gigantic battles nor the incredible possibilities of modding are interesting you, then you might find what you want with the official support of E-Sport on Founders : Sons of Hyrmalion™.

 Using nice and evolved gamemodes, the E-sport is a guarantee that your skills won’t be lost in the mass of players.

 Finally, Founders: Sons of Hyrmalion™, it’s a future new world record of players connected on a same server, with the possibility to host over 50 000 players simultaneously (the actual record of 2000 is made by Planetside 2 from Sony Online Entertainment).