Kickstarter is canceled but will return soon!

March 18, 2014

We were very happy to have your support on our fundraising campaign. You already have our upmost gratitude.

The entire Uchronicles Entertainment team is working very hard to make Founders : Sons of Hyrmalion the best game ever. To achieve this glorious purpose, we have decided to stop the Kickstarter campaign.

We see so many new elements that we could add to our game, and rushing anything is out of the question.

Don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time before we come back again with a new start ! But for the time being we think it is better to stop this campaign. Believe us, it truly is for the best because we cannot afford to have you playing something dashed off. It is mostly out of respect for you that we have decided this. We deeply apologize and, of course, we will give you a full refund on your pledged money.

Right now, we will do our best to bring out a game that will meet your expectations. Our goal is to come back within a month with all things we wanted to get done. Meanwhile stay tuned ! We will regularly give out news about the game, and once we are ready we will come again with the offer of something even better than before.

With the hope of seeing you again very soon, Keep faith in us.

The Uchronicles Entertainment team.

Bis : Check out our new facebook page!

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