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Active as a modder since Battlefront II, I became aware of the possibilities offered by sandboxes with the release of the reference that is Minecraft. By utilizing my experience in mod development, and thanks to the game possibilities, I started an epic adventure to create a game with featuring role-playing, sandbox but more importantly massive fighting components. It is with the idea to put in place battles with hundreds of players competing against each other that I created Founders : Sons of Hyrmalion. Not long after that, I realized that Minecraft was in fact far too limited to host this concept, which questioned the feasibility of this adventure. Then, when GuildWars 2 and its World vs World system came out, I went back on my thoughts with an even stronger desire to create a really massive MMORPG sandbox.
After over 2 years of various researches and developments, I created, in November 2013, the studio Uchronicles Entertainment, and gathered a team which will be making Founders : Sons of Hyrmalion as a viable project.
I am the manager of this team, and I’m working on the assembling under Unity3D along with some coding.
I met a part of the team back when we were doing Minecraft modding, at that time we were one of the numerous gaming communities that one can found on the Internet. Our various abilities and our friendship allowed us to plan Founders together.

After months of intensive work, of questioning and of aborted concepts, we eventually found the correct way. The next step will be a Kickstarter campaign, planned for mid-2014, which will allow us to work full time on the project.
Founders : Sons of Hyrmalion is a madness-driven project that promises to revolutionize the very concept of a MMORPG. It is supported by a competent and courageous team (still volunteering at this point) working hard on the preparation of the Kickstarter campaign.

Main gaming inspirations: Dark Age of Camelot – Eve Online – Minecraft – Dwarf Fortress – Strongholdd


Jon | Mades

Developer/ Artist

Hey everyone,
Introducing myself, my name’s Baptiste, and I’m living in Germany.
As of now I’m in my senior year of high school, studying engineering.
I’m really into programming, designing and gaming.
For right now I’m developing on HTML/CSS, PHP/SQL, Python and also LUA.
Concerning designing, I’ve been practicing for quite a bit on Photoshop CS6 along with Illustrator
I also had the chance to practice 3D modeling with 3DS MAX 11 for another MMO, and I’m using Inventor in class.
About my experience, I played myself some MMOs, such as Aion, Metin or Tranformice, and took interest in the way they were developed.
After seeing the project presentation, I was really motivated to join the team.
The project is really interesting and innovating, the team is also very nice.
I truly believe that this project is going to evolve into something awesome so make sure to support it.





Graphic Artist





Hugo Caldagues / Fluides

3D Modeler

I started in Pixel art designing back in 2006 and since then I continued to evolve and to improve my skills in this field over time, with a growing passion for it. I also tried other forms of designing, especially modeling which I learned via Founders : Sons of Hyrmalion.

I joined, thanks to an acquaintance with whom I worked on the project The Legend, the studio Uchronicles Entertainment to learn more about it, my main goal being to practice all forms of designing, mostly modeling.
My main gaming inspirations: Fallout series – Guild Wars – Minecraft – Anno series – Warhammer 40k

Brian Barranco / Lightarow

3D Modeler

I’ve been designing for over 5 years now, I recently started taking interest in 3D modeling with Minecraft along with the CAD (computer-aided design) software SolidWorks.
I have been finding a lot of inspiration from the Steampunk movement, via cosplays seen at conventions for example.

Then, I joined Founders’ team thanks to Fluides, since I’ve been working with him on other projects and this is when I really started enjoying 3D modeling.
Even though we had a difficult start, the team has been capable of putting itself in question, and thanks to this we will provide a high-quality content for mid-2014.
Main gaming inspirations: DC Universe Online – Minecraft – The Legend of Zelda



Lore-maker, scenarist








Communication manager



Community Manager




Community Manager




Hi, my name’s Axel, I’m a moderator by passion, with a few years of experience.
I joined the team for Founders because the project looks like a sweet dream to me; a project with big ambitions, I like it! I joined the team to always deliver a high-quality content.
In terms of gaming inspirations, I really enjoy FPS, like Call of Duty, and I also like platform games, and Minecraft when I need to relax.



Moderator and translator





Moderator and translator