Technical Details

Technical details

The technical part in Founders: Sons of Hyrmalion is already at an advanced stage, here are some details:

  • The game is being developed. The whole trailer was made using the prototype we had and no post-production effects were used. These images were captured on a “middle-end” PC (HD5770 and FX8320) with a framerate staying between 35 and 60. Then the video was converted to 30fps for file size reasons. These images and performance do not mean anything about the final state of the game, but only about the current prototype.


  • A map is “endless” on all 3 axis, it will be generated along with your progression whatever direction you choose.


  • The game is hugely multithreaded to fully use the potential of any machine. This way we can have a realistic fluid and energy simulation without impacting on the performance.


  • The MMO version will use a new and innovative server technology to allow up to 50 000 players on a same server. However this technical prowess is very expensive, which explains the $2M financing objective.